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* If you think that Filipinas cannot speak English well, then you are absolutely wrong. The Philippines belongs to the top countries in the world that speaks English.  During American colonial rule, that was between 1898 and 1946 Filipinos already learned to speak English.  Since then, as early as kindergarten English has already been taught in school or at home.  And this continues well as they reach elementary, secondary and college.  After all, English is considered as the official language in the country aside from Filipino.  Furthermore, the influence of Western taste in music, movies, culture and TV shows also contributes to Filipinos’ English skills.  The excellent aptitude of English language makes the Filipinos competitive in world market e.g. as a call center agents or English instructors to non-English speakers.

Most of the Filipinas are good English speakers they know the language since they were little.  Try talking to professional Filipinas from different walks of life you will be surprised because they speak better English compared to most native speakers.  English has become a part of their daily life since it is prevalently used in school, work or home.  Survey says about 76 % of the Filipinos can speak and understand English.  Filipinas ability to understand, read and speak the language should not be underestimated because they are well-educated people.  In the latest 2003 FLEMMS or Functional Literacy, Education Mass and Media Survey indicates that Filipino women have higher percentage of functional literacy compared to their male counterparts.  It shows a 4.2 % difference between the two genders in favor for Filipino women (female got 85.9% and male got 81.7%).


Computer Literacy


* In this modern era, technology has affected society and environment in a number of ways.  Recent technological innovations including the internet, telephone and printing press, have lessened barriers of communication and allowed humans to interact across the globe.  Although Philippines belong to the third world country, it still keep up in the fast pace of modern world.  The Philippines’ literacy rate is also very high it reached to 96% wherein the Filipino women dominate Filipino men in basic and functional literacy rate with 90.4% and 86.3% (for women) whilst 86.8% & 81.9% for men. This percentage was reflected in the National Statistics Office survey conducted in the year 2003.

Furthermore, in a recent global study Philippines was ranked as one of the countries with the highest percentage of social network users.  This shows that it is nearly impossible that the people especially the Filipino women do not know all about the world of Internet.  In fact, in the 29 million pool of skilled labor in the country around 325, 000 college graduates are added every year to that pool wherein 70,000 of them have IT-related or computers training.

Thus, you cannot say that Philippines who belong to the Third World (used to more or less describe the developing nations of Africa, Asia and Latin America) are left behind by First World countries (refers to the countries who are developed, industrialist and technology advanced such as USA, Japan and Western Europe).  Filipinos especially the women know the in and out of technology world.  They are up to date with the latest communication tool that has been out in the market.  That explains the reason why there are tens of millions Filipina members visible in different online dating websites.

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