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Cost of Living in the Philippines

* The country does not only boast world-class white sand beach resorts, scenic tourist spots or cheap goods and services.  It is also the home of the finest hospitals with excellent medical staff either in bigger or smaller regions.  Private hospitals in the country charge greater than public hospitals run by the government.  There maybe public clinics in each town but the off side is—it doesn’t have enough medical facilities to cater your needs.  To fill the gap, private medical establishments were built.  The charging or fees involve many factors such as professional fee of the doctor and the kind of hospital you were admitted.  A consultation fee usually range from $7- $20 but the rate goes higher depending on the medical test and consultation you made.
* If you haven’t bought the latest collections of Gucci, Armani, Prada or any famous designers in the world, then shop it here in the Philippines.  It may cost too much way back home but you can have these designer labels in a much affordable price.
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