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How to be a dream boy to the girl you like the most?  Is giving presents enough to develop her feelings towards you?  Or whispering sweet words plays the important factor? Then, think it all over again you might starting things in a wrong foot.  Being generous is not a bad idea for her to like you as well saying sweet thoughts, but there are loads of things to consider if you want to be her prince charming.  I wrap up just for you boys the tips that no woman can resist for you to be her ideal man.

  • Be always around her. A woman will miss your presence if she is used to of having you around her.
  • Surprise her with something.  Even though there is no special occasion, a little generosity can touch her heart. It is one way of letting her know that you are a thoughtful  or sweet kind of guy.
  • Act as a nurse when she is sick.  Taking good care of her whenever she is not feeling well, gives her an impression that you are a caring kind of person.
  • Make her laugh.  One of the qualities that a girl likes in a boy, is someone who can make her laugh especially when she is feeling blue.
  • Treat her in a romantic place.  Most girls are hopeless romantic, they really wish that if a guy will ask her out the ambiance must be romantic.  An extra points that you can earn whilst having a date.
  • Respect her and the members of her family.  An important factor that you should observe, for you to win her heart.  This is a sign that your intention towards her is pure and honest.
  • Get along with her friends.  By getting along with her friends, will let her know that you are a good-natured person and for that she should not let go of you.
  • Do not be conceited.  Girls do not like men who are conceited it is a huge turn off to her.
  • Be real.  If you want her to be her dream boy, you must not pretend or hide what kind of personality you have.
  • Make her extraordinary special.  Do you know that most girls like to be pampered?
  • Love and accept her as who she is.  How can you be her ideal man if you do not even love her, right?
But then again, the ways listed above solely depends on you.  It will just put into waste if you are not genuine with your real intentions and feelings towards her.