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Dating and marriage are the best and beautiful part to build a stronger relationship with one another.  In selecting a companion for life, dating would be one of the first stages to get to know each other and after that stage, the relationship will be taken to the highest level, which is marriage.  It will likely end up to that stage when you share passionate feelings with one another.  However, there are lots of factors that should be taken into consideration when you enter in a dating relationship and especially marriage.  It is not like a honey that always tastes sweet.  There is also a share of bitterness and heart breaking.  Thus, it needs careful planning and thinking.  Most movies, T.V. shows and stories of fiction writing usually end with a Cinderella ending.  However, that is not the way it is because we are not living in a fairytale era. 

Marriage is the union of man and woman as husband and wife, thus couple who wish to get married should value the sanctity of it likewise with dating.  Because sparing your time to date with someone unknown or known to you is worthy of every precious moment of your life.  It may be a turning point situation for your love life.

The dating or marriage relationship will be successful as long as no unselfishness will come in although problems or misunderstandings are likely a normal part in a relationship.  To be really happy in a dating or marriage relationship one must value one another.  In this way, it will also strengthen the bond that you invested for how many years. 

No matter if we share dates or marriages with another race it does not stop from adding spice in our dull moments and bliss to our lonely heart.  Cultural differences and skin colors should not be an issue if we want to find happiness in any way.