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Men who go out for dates want to look and act at their best, and are sometimes pressured to keep their girl while dating. Now, if you want the apple of your eyes stick with you like a bubble gum until the end of your date. I've put together this mini-encyclopedia of Dating Tips for Men.


  • Observe proper hygiene.  This is one of the basic rules in going on a date. I bet, you can never find in this world to date with you if you stink like a garbage can. Clean yourself not just from head to toe as well as your wardrobe and foot wear.
  • Wear appropriately. According to my girl friends, majority of them say that if a guy has a good sense and taste of style in fashion, no matter how bad he looks like, in their eyes you are like Adonis that descended from Mt. Olympus.  Never combine loud colors together, it will be a pain in the eye. Learn to mix and match your clothing’s from colors to style i.e. consult some fashion magazine tips.  Don't give it a shot to impress women by wearing signature brands just to show off even though it doesn't compliment you.
  • Plan your date well. Think of different activities that can surely excites the girl not just the usual fine dining in a restaurant. With this, it can give her second thoughts that you are the type of a guy who is worth dating for!
  • Know her likes and dislikes. To give you an idea what ambiance and food she enjoys the most. This is also to avoid monotonous situation and conversation.
  • Be humorous. Women love men who knows how to make them laugh out loud and can brighten up their day. Remember be sure to throw a clean and good sense of humor.
  • Speechless in her presence? Try one of these conversation starters.
        * Should we look for love or should we just wait for it?
         This opener works if you happen to sit with her in a dead silence for a few minutes. In this way you can save her saliva from spoiling.
        * If you are struck in an island, what are the three things you should have?
        While she mentally figures her list, you can tell her about your thoughts (e.g., "I, for one, would like to hold onto my favorite novel.) Keep her talking: After she have her list, let her explain her choices. This can give her an idea that you are a good conversationalist.
  • Drop some pick-up lines occasionally. It will give her bones a tickle and a seventh heaven feeling. But don't be exaggerated, too much of it is unbelievable.
  • Let her feel that she's an extraordinary special in your date. Treat her not just a princess but a queen. You know, girls like to be pampered.
  • Pay the bills. To show that you're a responsible kind of person however don't expect for a return.
  • Act with confidence. Women adore men who are confident that can be their knight in shining armor to shield them when they're vulnerable.