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When a boy asks a girl to be his date, it gives heart-warming emotions to women.  To all women out there, if you want to leave a good and lasting impression to your Prince Charming, I compiled these simple dating tips just for you! 

  • Do not overdo your make-up.  You do not want to look like a clown like in your five-year-old sister’s birthday party right? Use your facial cosmetics aptly e.g. apply light make-up in a broad daylight and dark make-up at nighttime.  Browse those fashion magazines that were stored in your cabinets.  Read those make-up tips.
  • Learn to mix and match your clothing.  It does not mean that if it is the trendiest outfit of the year, you have to wear it.  But the question is, does it look good on you?  Fashion police might arrest you for wearing out of this world outfits!  Wear clothes that you think are comfortable for you and fits you well.
  • Do not be too aggressive.  The tendency is, boys will find you uninteresting and easy to get.  Be enigmatic; let the cream of your coffee discover how good-natured and beautiful you are.
  • Research what he likes or dislikes.  In this way, you will be given some pointers, what are the things that you have in common and talk more about that.  But, do not act too much as if you are a James Bond or Sherlock Holmes wannabe.  You might be mistaken as a complete stalker.
  • Be punctual.  It does not mean that you are a woman, you are already exempted from being late.  Punctuality is a common polite gesture and a show of mutual respect.
  • Try to be interested of what he is into.  You will never know that you shared some common interest in life.
  • Watch out your body language.  Your actions may mean something different to him.
  •  Never talk about your previous relationship.  Unless he asks you what is the cause of your break-up with your ex-hubby but remember let him know that you are over with the man.  A girl who blabs so much about her past relationships can die the flame of interest of the boy to girl.
  • Create a pleasant ambiance between the two of you.  This is to avoid awkward situations because instead of building a rapport, you are creating a wall.
  • Do not be picky or choosy.  It is one of the major turn-offs to men.  Mostly, men do not like women who are so particular in some things.
  • Be yourself.  Nothing beats if you have self-confidence.  Boys adore girls who are poise and composed.  It means to them that if a woman knows how to carry her self, she is not afraid of what others may say.

These might be simple guidelines but it will create a great impact once you follow these tips.  An impact that will lead you to find your Mr. Right.

Happy Dating!