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The person that you have been Eyeing for ages now, has finally asked you out. Of course, you will prepare yourself to look and smell good. However, when the precious moment arrives your dream of an ideal date with the apple of your eye becomes a nightmare. In the midst of the date, you realized that the person you fancy for long is the opposite of what he or she is. So, how will you end a bad date? Here are the top five ways of ending a bad date.

Alibis or White Lies. If honesty is not your cup of tea, meaning you are having a hard time to tell your date that you are bored with him or her.  Excuse yourself by giving white lies or alibis.  Make sure that when you give one it is good and there are no potholes of your fake excuse.

Make an early exit. Thank the person first of having a date with you even it does not go well.  Tell your date that you wan to end it early since you either have a meeting with your long time friends or need to prepare for a company trip.

The Sneak Attack Style. One may not like this style but this is the most effective way of escaping from a bad date. 

Fake a call. You may use your acting skills in faking a call and tell your date that something came up and your presence is needed badly.

Being Honest. Nothing beats honesty.  Telling directly to your date that there is no chemistry between you and her or him, that it is time to call the date off.  Being honest with your date is also a way of letting him or her know that a second try is will not likely to happen.  

In a dating world, not at all times that, we will encounter good dates, we may also experience a share of bad dates like, your date may be annoying, boring or offensive.  Do not force yourself to stay longer if you are experiencing situations like these, you are just sending wrong signals to your date as if telling him or her that you like his or her company.