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Reading wrong signals about a guy’s feeling is hurtful it is like stepping in a hot charcoal.  Typically, boys have a hard time in expressing their real emotions, others express it and a few keep it as a secret.  If you want to know if the boy loves you or not, here are some sure fire tips that are guaranteed than plucking flower petals from your neighbor’s garden.

  • He loves you treats you not just a princess but also a queen. ☺Boys who are in love with their dream girl will pamper them to the highest level. I see you as my friend or my sister…..
  • He loves you not. ☺ It is very obvious like a crystal clear water that there is no romantic connection between the two of you will happen.
  • He loves you… your name is not alien to his friends and family. ☺No man will waste a time to tell their friends and family how great and kind person you are.  His friends or family almost knows who you are! He does not return your call or text…
  • He loves you not. ☺ No matter how many calls you tried or text messages to send, he does not bother to reply even once just to say thanks for keeping in touch.  In short, he is AVOIDING you.
  • He loves you misses you every now and then. ☺ Never fails to drop a line saying that he misses you so much.  For him it is like eons that you have never seen each other even though you just see a few hours ago. Flirts with another girls…
  • He loves you not. ☺ One way of letting you know that you stop loving him.  A way to discourage your heart that he does not love or even like you.
  • He loves you gives you something even there is no occasion as long as it can make you glad. ☺This is to let you know that you are extraordinary special to him. Always making excuses for an invitation…
  • He loves you not. ☺ You will hear loads of excuses every time you invite him in a special occasion or whatever events.   It only means one thing: he does not want to go along with you.
  • He loves youalways around you for almost 24/7. ☺A man who is in love never gets tired and bored to see and talk with the girl. Evades you whenever you have the chance to meet along the way…
  • He loves you not. ☺A sign that he does not want to feel your presence.
  • He loves you because he says so! ☺An expression of love that needs no more explanation. So, girls out there you can now tell if he loves you or he loves you not.