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IIs she the one that I can live until the last breath of my life? You will likely ask yourself with this, if you fall so hard to her.  There are times when it suddenly pops in your mind that she might be the one whom you are looking for because you are head over heels in love.  You have to think it over; being in love with her so much is not a guarantee that she is the one whom you are searching for.  When to know that she is the one?  Here are some guidelines to determine if she is the one:

  • You envision yourself of spending the rest of your life with her.  Most of us will usually think that our love will be our partner forever; I guess we have to think it over.  Because we cannot tell what our future lies, maybe one day you will wake up that you have fallen out of love for her.  What I mean about this guiding principle is that, you have to be more than 100% percent sure.
  • She needs you because she loves you.  When you sense that she is feeling this way for you then there is nothing to worry about, it is a guarantee that her feeling towards you is genuine.  I know you can feel if the girl is true to you or not unless you are blinded with your irrational emotions, but if you are looking for a lifetime partner you have to think sensibly.
  • Both of you had already passed the test of time.  Through thick and thin, no one ever dare to leave at your side.  Even though you had misunderstanding or any resentment with each other, you settled it right then to save your relationship.
  • She is more than a girlfriend to you.   For you she is not just an ordinary hubby but also a confidant, mother or even a sister.  A relationship will not last if you only act as a girlfriend-boyfriend kind of thing, it should be more than that.  A lasting relationship will continue to grow if you share each other’s problems and thoughts.
  • She has a good relationship with your family.  It is a good thing that your wife to be has a good connection to your family members. She might not be living with the same roof with your love ones but there are circumstances in life that your family’s presence is needed.
  • You love her no matter what.  You accept what kind of person she is and do not care what past she had.
  • She expresses more than love to you.  You might think, what could be greater than love than love itself?  Then, that is the power of genuinely committing herself to you.
  • She is the answer to your prayers.  You ask to Him a girl whom you can offer your love and devotion.  She showed up.
May this would be of great help to you!