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If you want to make your dating a whole lot of fun and get over with those typical fine dining, why not experiment to discover new dating style.  Exploring other alternatives when it comes to dating would be a great idea to add more spice in a blooming romantic relationship.  Usually, when someone asks someone for a date it is either eating in a fine restaurant or going to a coffee shop.   It becomes so plain and ordinary, thus creates a monotonous ambiance.  Below, I narrowed down some great ideas on how to make your dating out of the ordinary:

  • Take your date to a place that both of you have never been before.  It adds thrill and fun.  It is something that both of you are looking forward for that day to come.
  • Try night swimming in the pool with floating scented candles around.  This may sound a little cheesy but it will surely add a romantic atmosphere.
  • Make a fruit shake and share it with two straws.
  • Stroll in the beach under a pale moonlight.  Whilst strolling, talk about not just yourself but as well as your passions or ambitions in life.
  • Rent a bicycle (if you do not have one) and tour your date around your hometown.  At the same time, share each other’s wonderful memories about your place.
  • Spend with each other’s arms early in the morning by jogging together.  It will not just create a healthy lifestyle but as well as being unique from a typical date.
  • Instead of dinner dates, invite that special someone in a picnic date.  Stretch out that picnic mats or reclined chairs and enjoy the awesome sights of the place and the serenity of the sea.
  • Go for outdoor or indoor activities that provide an electrifying experience.
  • Watch together your favorite childhood movie.  This is also a way to reminisce and talk about your life when you were little.
  • Play true or consequence.  Aside from getting to know more your partner, you also have the chance to let him or her do things that you wish e.g. dancing or singing.
  • Go in a nearby park with hiking trails.  Hike around the area at nighttime. After hiking, have some midnight snacks at 24/7 food stations.
  • Watch your favorite band or singer’s concert.  This event will give you a time to talk and discuss your views about the concert.  It will not give you a dead air whilst having a date.
  • Do movie marathon.  Nowadays, watching movies in a movie theater is very expensive.  Why not watch movies at home with your ample collection of DVDs or VCDs, aside from saving money you have all the time to watch different genre of movies.
  • If both of you are aiming to lose weight or want to have a healthy lifestyle.  Enroll together in a fitness gym.  It is not just dating for a day but everyday dating.
  • If you can afford to treat her in a trip, why not do it.  This is also a great way to spend a quality time with each other.
These creative dating tips will definitely make your dating interesting and memorable.  There will be no space for dead air, dull or dreary moments.  You will have a quality time with each other.  In addition, each time that you spend with each other’s arms is definitely a worthy experience to treasure.