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It is hard to decipher if a woman is into you, because they are sometimes fickle minded.  You do not know if she likes you or not.  If you want to crack the code if she falls for you, read on these signs.

  • She wants you to be around with her.  Exerting all the effort to tell you that she wants your presence not just for a small talk but until you feel sleepy.
  •  Her stares are only for you.  The way she looks at you is something different it is full of admiration and affection.
  • Finds ways to catch your attention.  For example, you are there she is also there.  Nothing escapes her sharp eyes.  She never fails to say “hi” even if you are in a crowded place.
  • Nurses you when you are not feeling well.  Brings you something that will give you an appetite.  Do some ways that can cheer up your ill feeling.
  • Totally curious about you.  She asks tons of questions from you or from your cousins about your preferences of an ideal girl, favorite food, movies, song etc.  This is to give her chance to bond with you and at the same time share the same interest with you.
  • Always available for you.  If you invite her over a lunch date or watching an opera you can hardly hear, “I am not available today” or “I am not feeling well.  Sensing the availability status is a great sign that she wants to go along with you.
  • Has the jealousy attitude. Whenever you talk about another girl, her mood changes and gives you a look that you do not like to see.
  •  Spends all day trying to look good.  To be an attention grabber of your sole attention.  She will spend almost her whole day in front of the mirror to look charming just for you.
  • Try to like what you like.  Meaning to say, she exerts an effort to like your favorite food or pastimes.  Even though she is not a sports fanatic, she finds time to join you or cheer on your favorite team.
  • She is into you if she reciprocates your love no matter who you are.
Look out for those signs right now before you miss it!