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Do you want to ask the woman you fancy for a date?  There are few things that you need to know before asking her out.

  • Check her schedule.  So that you cannot hear a big NO for an answer.  This is to make sure that she cannot make any alibis or excuses e.g. “I have a seminar to attend this coming ______” or “I have to go to the clinic for ___________”.
  • Be straightforward.  Ask her directly that you want to spend a date with her.  Avoid making insinuations that will usually lead to your original plan in asking her out.  This might piss off the girl.
  • Know her civil status. You do not want to receive a black eye, right?  There are some cases that you thought that she is available but the thing is she already has someone special.  Do not be impulsive even though you like her a lot.
  • Identify if you share with the same interests.  This is to avoid a BORING or DRY dating.  It is not good to look at that only you or she enjoys the date.
  • Make it sure that no one intervenes your date.  A successful date will happen if no one interferes.  You will never know that someone might show up in your dating place and take her away.
  • Avoid stuttering or stammering in asking her out.  How can you express your real intention in asking her out if your tongue is tied up or you have butterflies in your stomach.
  • Without a doubt you like her.  Asking her for a date should be your own initiative not just because of peer pressure or any other things.
  •  You have enough bucks in your pocket. Oh my God! You do not desire that both of you will wash tons of dirty kitchen utensils in the kitchen, right?  This would be the most horrible experience that might happen.  Practically speaking, it is good to have more than enough money in going out.
  • Assure her family that she is in good hands.  Family members are one of the factors if she agrees or not to go out with you.  Letting them know that she is in good hands is a guarantee that you can be trusted.
  • Ask her out if she is in good mood.  Some girls have mood swings, avoid asking her out if she is not in the mood.  The tendency is a big NO is all you can get for an answer.
  • Find out if she likes you.  No matter how you beg for a date she will not give in.


Knowing these things beforehand will likely lead you to a successful date that you are dreaming.  And the answer that you will hear?  Of course a gigantic YES!