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First dates can give us jitters.  It can make us tongue-tied or worst being mute! This would be terrible when you are acting like this whilst dating, this is not a good indication of having a second date.  To keep conversation going you must have a prepared list in your mind, you might go blank when you face your date especially if he or she has a mesmerizing face.  Avoid interview style of conversation, keep the conversation coming like you are chatting with your pals.  Here are 10 goof proof topics to keep your date jabbering all night.

  • Personal preference- ask about her or his much loved food, sports, hobbies, colors, music, movies, etc.  This kind of questions will help your date to feel comfortable with you.
  • Vacation- most people love to travel either local or abroad.  Ask your date about his or her last vacation trip e.g. Where did she/he go? or Who is with her/him.  If your date is a townie, ask her or him about the place that she or he wants to go.
  • Friends and Family Members- asking about these things will give you a good peak of the personality he or she possesses.
  • Future Plans or Ambitions- a chance to know if your date is a goal oriented or a happy go lucky person.
  • Ideal Partner to be- this is a good opportunity to know if you fit in the quality of your date’s ideal partner.
  • Asking situational questions- most people love to give  a piece of advice or views.  In this way you will have a spontaneous conversation without spending any boring moments together.
  • Happiest Moment- a glimpse of your date’s significant event that happened in his or her life that he or she treasured a lot.
  • Current Events- if your date is of intellectual type, talk about the latest happenings around the world.  Just make it to a point if you are going to express your idea, know what you are talking about.  As not to put yourself in a total embarrassment.  One more thing avoid issues that lead to intense arguments.

  • Do you like…? (A personal interest of yours) one way to prove if you share the common ground.

  • Your childhood days- this is also an interesting topic to talk about.  It helps you to take a closer look of how your date was when he or she is little.  One way of understanding them better.
These foolproof conversation topics will surely give you a smooth and dead air free conversation.  In addition, a possibility of having second dates to look forward!