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Cebu’s beaches are one of the finest beaches in the world!  Experience the difference with the hard to refuse water sports adventure and be captivated by the stunning sights of the island. You do a thousand and one ways in these CEBU beaches, you can do e.g. skim boarding, Parasailing, beach volleyball, etc.  Nightlife is hot and lively that there will be no dull & boring moments.  Or if you just want to take a rest, spread out those sarongs or those reclining chairs by the beach and be transfixed by the beauty of the sun at sunup or sundown.  Cebu beaches are famous and is one of must be visited tourist destinations in the worldwide. It can be an equal to Hawaii or the Caribbean but it won’t eat a big chunk of your budget as prices are very reasonable.  One of the reasons why a greater numbers of foreign tourist of mixed races visit Cebu beaches is to achieve a perfect tan while enjoying Filipino congeniality the Cebuano way. 

Planning for a family outing /vacation /honeymoon or just a romantic getaway? Make it CEBU, a truly traveler’s fantasy of a beach paradise that’s guaranteed to keep you coming back for more. The serenity of the sea will definitely enchant you that will keep you clicking those cameras to capture the moment.  And the climate is just perfect.

Add fun to your life bring a date along. JoinNow!  Become a member and start browsing for a date. Our fast growing dating site, lady members are oh so lovely and fun. Believe in destiny and start your quest for the love of your life. Buy Cebuanas Romance Tour and meet the lady of your dreams and see if the sparks last you for a lifetime of happiness.  Filipina ladies are known for being caring, loving, honest, sincere and fun to be with. 

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