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This exotic getaway is located at Southwestern tip in Cebu, Philippines. Moalboal is a small town nearly surrounded with waters.  The town center is occupied by a huge church and supermarket.  According to folklore it got its name when a foreigner once asked a woman with a cleft if where she got the water.  She answered that it came from “Bukal-Bukal”.  But because of her speech impairment her words came to sound like Moalboal and that was how the town got its name.   Nowadays, Moalboal is famous for its exciting diving sites and affordable foods making it one of the favorite tourist destinations in Central Visayas.  You can reach Moalboal by public bus or Van for Hire or self drive vehicle in about 2 hours drive.
Another interest in this town is the Pescador Island Marine Park.  It’s a shallow reef sheltering vigorous Gorgonians, soft and colorful corals shaped like a fan and sharks like as thresher, hammerheads and white tips abounds is a haven for divers making Moalboal one of the famous dive site among foreign and local divers throughout the world.  If you are not into diving adventure you can splurge in swimming, snorkeling, wind surfing and just sun bathing or just relax in those comfortable cottages offered by different resorts.  Another spectacular place you can visit in Moalboal is the Busay Cave.  Inside this cave are marvelous stalactites and stalagmites a source of potable water.  In moving around the town you can hire a motorcycle, multi cab or mountain bike.   Typically the setting is of province type- the air is fresh and clean, the ambiance is laid back and friendly and there are less commercial/ business establishments.

You can enjoy with the activities lined up by resort owners and even by municipal officials. If you want to sweat it out try trekking adventure at Mount Osmeña. You will be rewarded by its awesome view of rolling green hills the distant sea and have a peek of Moalboal way of living.  Staying in this remote place lets you experience thrilling actions and unforgettable days as time passes by.

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