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Panglao is home to some widely known beach resorts, world-class diving sites and a top tourist destination not just in the country but also throughout the world.  The town folks are very kind and warm.   It is one of the oldest places in the province of Bohol. Centuries ago, Spaniards described this island as a lonesome place.  However, it is different nowadays, the economy and the place itself is progressing. 


Making a tour in Panglao Beach will give you respite away from the hustle and bustle of city living. You will also be delighted by the tranquility of the place but you can also find better snorkeling sites around the northern and southern coast.  The area is loaded with amazing marine creatures like corals, sea stars and a school of fish of different kinds, colors and shades.  Indeed a perfect getaway.


  1. Diving. Be astounded by its stunning diving sites.   
  2. SwimIt is the one of the homes of famous beaches in the country.  Get those swimming outfits and enjoy the azure seawaters & finely grained white sands.
  3. Try seafoods.  Abundant varieties of seafoods are available which is prepared in a mouth-watering dish.
  4. Explore the island.  You can rent multi cabs to tour you around the island and explore and don’t forget to bring your camera.
  5. BuyShop for native souvenirs its cheap and beautiful a very good gift (“pasalubong”).

The rates of the rooms in Panglao Beach are very affordable and offer the best facilities.  Nonetheless, do not forget to bring your own toiletries in case of emergency.  Take also the opportunity to visit the other tourist spots in Bohol it really worth the hassle to come closer to Mother Nature’s finest.   Indeed, a place that you certainly love and visit over the nth times!

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