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Experience extraordinary kind of diving at Malapascua diving site.  It has out of this world diving sights from diving walls to amazing coral reefs.  Some divers rated Malapascua as the best diving spot in the world.  There are plenty to see when you dive at Malapascua such as thresher sharks, awesome wrecks, mandarin fish, a huge variety of marine life and countless Nudibranch (also known as sea slug, it is a soft-bodied marine snail).  If you want to observe closely some thresher sharks, you can do it at Malapascua’s Monad Shoal.    A special view that you will see, is the mating dance, when the Mandarin fish emerge from their hiding places and form in pairs. 

One of the best sights to behold that you cannot afford to miss.  Diving at Malapascua gives you a remarkable memory that you will cherished throughout your life.  This famous diving site is located northeast of Cebu mainland.  Going there is very accessible as there are many means of transportation available.  Every time you dive at Malapascua it will always leave you breathless because of its splendid marine creatures and other marvelous creations under the sea.  Once you dive in here, you will never feel sorry because the time and money that you spend will never go to waste.  Divers of all skills and interests never miss to experience diving here in Malapascua.  Diving would not be complete unless you dive in this wonderful island paradise.  Not only local divers were mesmerized in Malapascua’s diving site but as well as foreigners.  In addition, a lot of foreign divers came to Malapascua to experience diving beyond the usual.  The famous dive spots around Malapascua are Shark Point, Lapus-Lapus,  Lighthouse, Calangaman Island and Dona Marilyn.  These local dive spots certainly give you an amazing under the sea view.  Hence, dive now at Malapascua and experience diving that is totally incredible!

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