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If you are fired up to do marine explorations and want to capture the out of these world sea creatures, Scuba Diving is the answer to your desire.  Philippines has numerous, hottest and world’s best scuba diving sites. It also has the most productive marine ecosystems in the world wherein you can compare it to the highest ranking diving sites all over the world.  Most of the scuba divers have an average 10 trips in the Philippines. Each speaks about the quality of the diving site according from the book of “Action Asia Adventure Travel Guide to the Philippines”.

Now prepare all those scuba gears, ultra fashionable diving suits, full loaded breathing equipments and other gadgets because we are going to explore the TOP SCUBA DIVING SITES in the Philippines.

1. Anilao, Batangas- Situated only 140 kilometers south of Manila, hide the best and the most extraordinary diving site in the world.  It is the home of immaculately clean coral reefs in the country and is famous for photographers who seek for close to perfect resemblance of marine life.  In Anilao there are 24 diving spots and Cathedral is the most popular diving spot in the Philippines. It is teeming with fish of various sizes, colors and kind.   There is a cross in between the pillars placed some decades ago by a group of divers.  It is about five feet high and two feet across. Moreover, in Anilao diving site, the visibility tends to be good and beyond 20m is usual, in which you can see abundant numbers of larger species like snappers, trigger fish and angel fish.  Blue spotted and eagle ray is very common.


2. Apo Island- This site in Negros Oriental offers a great visibility and fair water current giving the divers a good chance of seeing school of jacks.  And also you’ll be amazed of the sea creatures that live there.  Often time turtles and sea snakes can be found in here. In addition you can discover tons of tiny fish cluster around the bushes of black corals in a narrow crack, and there are collection of diverse species of clown fishes and anemones and beautiful stony corals. There are 9 diving sites in Apo Island that are highly recommended namely: Largahan (14-20m), Boluarte (20m), The Chapel (20m), Rock Point (20), The Sanctuary (15m to 30-40m), Kan-u-ran (10m- 50m), Cogon (20m- 34m), Olo Point (25m- 30m) and Coconut (20m).  Each one offers a promising diving experience.


Balicasag Island, Bohol - Located at the south of Panglao, Bohol province laid a 400 meters successfully protected marine sanctuary.  Its crystal clear waters provide a window to the bounty collection of colorful aquatic animals and coral reefs however there is a strong underwater current to be wary of.  It has steep wall and a school of Jackfish will accompany you on your dive.  If fortune plays on your side, you will have a chance to glimpse the swirling barracudas.  It is the “see or miss thing” while having a dive at Balicasag, Island.

 1. Busuanga, Palawan - Is a municipality in Palawan and one of the largest in the Calamian group of Islands.  The best diving season in Busuanga is from October to May for the reason of best visibility and good current.  Divers absolutely give these place two thumbs up because of its astounding wrecks, colorful marine life that makes their diving more exciting.  There is no doubt that the crystal clear waters and fabulous coral reefs make the divers settle for quite sometime in the water.

 Cebu - Dubbed as the Queen City of the South, the second busiest metropolis next to Manila. Most of the dive sites are usually located adjacent to Olango Island.  Diving is ideally done from November to June.


Here are some highly suggested scuba diving sites around Cebu:

  1. Malapascua Island- there are around 5 amazing shipwrecks in this island.  Visit this dive site around 4 or 5 o'clock in the late afternoon. That is the time these fish forage for food and visible to the naked eye. A special view is the mating dance, when the Mandarin fish emerge from their hiding places and form pairs.
  2. Moalboal- The highlight of the diving experience is Pescador Island- it is a marine sanctuary with large sponges, squishy corals and adorable gorgonians.  Hunting for sharks? It would be better if you dive in the morning.
  3. Olango Island (Mabini Point) - Hammerhead sharks are very prominent in this area.  The condition has strong surges and unpredictable ferocious current, advisable only for advanced divers with 30m visibility.
  4. Sumilon Island- This is a marine sanctuary.  During full moon or new moon there’s a strong current.  It is suited for all divers.  You can see a quite impressive array of corals and fishes.
  5. Lagundi-It is a marine protected sanctuary located at Talisay City.  This is a newly found diving site in Cebu but is getting attention from well known dive masters.  It features of what the real beauty of untouched marine life looks like.
Tubbataha Reefs- Philippines largest coral reef and covers 33,200 hectare with different types of coral reefs and other species of aquatic life.  It is the fantasy destination of every divers, photographers and scientist for the fact that it is rich in underwater creatures. This is a must see diving site that no divers should miss.  Everything in Tubbataha Reef is of exceeding great size from Napoleon Wrasse, turtles, even the Lionfish and sharks to Jacks and Trevallies, groupers and Triggerfish bigger than those in other diving sites.
Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro  -  At least 2 dozen amazing diving sites are identified in this place, their diving sites have been attracting not just divers as well as tourist either local or foreign.  It attributes a great opportunity to do underwater photography.
General Santos City, Sarangani Bay- This is the main diving area as it is there’s only little condition problems except for current. It is known as one of the scuba divers favorite diving destinations. The wrecks are exceptional, superb dive sites and the coral reefs are perfectly made.  It is ideal to dive in the morning and until around 2:00 pm so that you can really enjoy the sights of the underwater beauty. Enjoying the sights of marvelous walls, marine creatures and beautiful coral reefs should be shared with someone special. Visit our Gallery and search for love now. Have a Romance Tour to Cebu, Philippines and date young and lovely Filipinas that you fancy. It is really nice to share a special day in a marvelous place with someone special. And find that one woman you are looking for and will become a perfect partner in life Join Now!!
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