Tagaytay is one of the country’s famous tourist destinations either foreigners or locals.   Tagaytay is located in Cavite City the most pleasant city in Asia because it has no pollution.  Additionally the climate is cool due to its high altitude. With its cool air and safe atmosphere, one can do many recreational activities e.g. picnics, horse back riding, camping and sight seeing of some breath taking views.  Tagaytay is home to the famous Taal Volcano - a lake within an island inside a lake. 

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Places To Visit

  1. Taal Volcano- considered as one of the most active volcanoes in Luzon.   This small yet active volcano never fails to gather a number of tourists.  It is one of the favorite destinations of sightseers because of its splendid view.
  2. Filipino- Japanese Friendship Garden- this large and beautiful 1, 200 square meter garden is situated in Development Academy of the Philippines Conference Center, Sungay East, Tagaytay City.  This garden imparts the importance of freedom, peace and unity not just in mind and hearts but also in deeds among people. 
  3. Mabini Shrine- the shrine of the sublime paralytic- Apolinario Mabini.  Though he’s handicap he still proves that his condition is not a hindrance in helping the revolutionists to fight against the hostility of Spaniards.  That is why he is considered as the Brains of the Katipunan because of his superior intelligence and abilities.  In here, lie the artifacts and memorabilia of Mabini. 
  4. Flower Farm – this five-hectare flower farm grows a number of different kinds of flowers such as assorted colors of chrysanthemums, gerberas, anthuriums, carnations and roses.  Enjoy the fragrances of flowers whilst visiting this farm.
  5. Marcela N. Agoncillo Historical Landmark- it displays the different flags of revolution.  It is hometown of the Marcella Agoncillo- the one who sewn the first Filipino flag.
  6. Palace in the Sky- It is open for the public to give an advantage to view the widely known Taal Volcano. 
  7. Punta de Santiago Lighthouse- one of the earliest lighthouses that are built in 1890 and up to now it is still functioning.

Things You Can Do

  1. Tour around the city.  You can rent a vehicle if you do not have any to roundabout the city and take an invigorating breath with the fresh and clean air.
  2. Boat ride.  You can catch a boat ride to have a remarkable close up experience of Taal Volcano. 
  3. Buy small gifts.  Small stalls abound to give you a wide selection of the best products for gifts. Try some señorita bananas very small and sweet the size is just about your finger


  1. Days Hotel Tagaytay - the most accessible hotel when you are in Tagaytay.  The ambiance is clean and pleasant. 
  2. Taal Vista Hotel - offers a nice viewing deck and the facilities are up to date it is just like staying in a five star hotel.
  3. Royal Taal Inn- provides affordable prices that guarantee you an overlooking view of the Taal Volcano and Lake in Tagaytay a view that is definitely take your breath away.

Have a good time and enjoy a trip to Tagaytay the second summer capital of Philippines.  A trip you’ll never regret and gives you a time to recharge and will certainly gives you happy memories from the start to finish.

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