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Kawasan Falls

Begin your vacation with a trip beyond the usual beach outing.  Have it at Kawasan Falls.  It is famous for its ice cold crystal clear water located in Matutinao, Badian at the Southern part of Cebu Island.  When you arrive in Badian town proper you still have to walk around 45 minutes more or less to commune with nature at the amazing destination the Kawasan Falls. The trek may be tricky and muddy but it’s really worth your while.  On your way to the three layered falls the shining shimmering splendid river itself is an attraction already.   You just can’t wait to take a dive in the beckoning water and take snapshots of the glorious nature display of paradise. Kawasan Falls is divided into three:


This first fall is the biggest and widest among them all.   It is also the most crowded and the deepest. There are cottages for rent to make your stay worthwhile. There are bamboo raft for rent so you can enjoy rafting and you can have a waterfall massage that will surely sooth your aches away but be wary of the strong impact of the falling water.  It can leave you breathless. 

Lush tropical green awaits you when you go up to the 2nd falls. The falls are splendid the water is cold but its shallow and the children can enjoy the falls and the water.  Feel free to climb the walls of the falls, jump & shout like Tarzan.  Just like in the first fall you can have a water massage by renting a raft but the space around the 2nd fall is not that wide to tour around the falls.  If you want to swim nearer to the falls be extra cautious with the powerful water current you might get drown.  If you don’t know how to swim try renting a life vest made available for you.


At the 3rd falls of Kawasan you can see out of this world sight that will truly leave you breathless! Though the 3rd fall is the farthest and you have to pass some slippery roads but the trek is worth the effort in this heavenly and enchanting paradise.  Put that suit on and dip in the refreshing ice cooled water.

It is believed that the third fall is the sources among sources of waters in Kawasan.  This third fall might be far but it is frequently visited by locals and foreigners alike because of its ice cool fresh water.

Be prepared for the adventure as the pathway in Kawasan Falls may be very dark at night you should have flashlights at hand.  One should take extra precautionary measures in going down the slope to avoid any mishaps or accidents.  Absolutely Kawasan Falls is a heavenly paradise that is worth preserving so the next generation can still share the magnificent sights and experience paradise at its finest.
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