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Filipino Women Age Doesn't Matter


There are parts of society who raise eyebrows when they see younger women date an older men who are twice or thrice than their age.  Some called their relationships as “Father-is-never-around-image” or “Sugar Daddy”.   Whatever they tag it, Filipinas ignore these absurdities.  Age is just a condition of having lived for how many years in this world.  It may play a factor in a relationship but it should not be a hindrance to love someone.  There had been many successful stories of happy couple who are in May-December affair.  Most of them really found true happiness and real love as they live together in one roof.

In the Philippines, seeing Filipinas dating older foreign men is not an issue.  For Filipinas, they look to age almost synonymously as wisdom.  They see older men as more intelligent and more mature in handling a relationship.  Many would say that Filipinas date old Western men for money, stability or saving the family from destitution.  That is not true to most Filipinas, so you might ask if what’s the reason behind? Aside from the above-mentioned qualities, Filipinas see old Western men as family oriented and open-minded.  They do not dwell on the past life and grumble when your back is turned.

When it comes to love Filipinas believed that age is merely a number. As long as you share the same wavelengths with each other, then be ready to fall to beautiful Filipinas.

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