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If you are searching for a place that will take you in the stairs of heaven, then, Banaue Rice Terraces is the great answer.  Dubbed as the “Eight Wonders of the World”, this man-made creation was skillfully done by Ifugaos centuries ago.  This 2000-year-old Banaue Rice Terraces is declared as the UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 1995.  It is said that if this rice terraces end will be connected to each other it will be 10 times lengthy than the Great Wall of China.  Aside from its stairway to heaven design as its famous attractions, the amazing hiking trails made it also appealing among foreign and local hikers. 

When you want to trek around the area of the rice terraces there are also friendly guides to assist you so that you will not get lost with the place. This splendid natural wonder was commonly built by hands with the minimal usage of tools and other equipments, which only shows the ingenuity and craftsmanship of Ifugaos.  Up to present times, locals still tend this rice terraces because it is also their source of livelihood wherein they plant vegetables and rice.  Now, it is said that this wonderful creation is showing signs of erosion due to younger generations of farmers need to find greener pastures in the city.  Nevertheless, it never fails to astonish tourists. 

Even though you will get through from a tiring journey but once you step your feet in this marvelous wonder, you will never regret it.  Spending your time in here is a never to trade experience.  In addition, this is one of the most visited tourist destination all over the country.  Accommodations whilst staying in here is not a problem, there are inns, hotels and lodging houses available that offers reasonable room rates.  There are also nearby rice terraces aside from Banaue Rice Terraces are at sight like Mayoyao Rice Terraces, Kiangan Rice Terraces and the like.  All are worth visiting for and breathtaking view!