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Strategically located at the gateway of Manila Bay.  During the war times, it served as the naval defense.  When you visit this place, you can see some ruins of buildings and other edifices, antique cannons and big guns.  Because of its rocky appearance, it is also called as the “Rock”.  This features made it as an advantage over their foes.  Furthermore, due to the Spanish system where all the documents and other pertinent papers of all ships who wish to enter Manila Bay, will be checked and corrected.  Thus, this place also means Isla De Corregidor.  In Spanish word, corregidor means Corregir which translates as to correct.   During the siege, the island had wide collections of armors and ammunitions that were used against their enemies.  However, you can only behold the silent ruins of the buildings and other edifices, but it added as an enchanting aura of the environment.  Atop from the Spanish lighthouse you can gaze the spectacle view of Manila Bay.  If you dream to view the skyline of Metro Manila visit here on a clear sunny day.  Superstitiously speaking, it is believed that this place is the home of troubled souls and ghosts of soldiers during the war.  Many curious ghost hunters visit this place but up to these days, it is not proven that there are wandering souls and ghost around the area.  Nonetheless, these do not stop the local or foreign travelers to take a journey in this once battleground of Philippine history.  Pacific War Memorial monument adds attractions in this tadpole shape island.  It is a completely new experience whilst spending your time in this popular tourist destination of this tropical paradise country.  Because of its innate topography features and structures, Corregidor Island is a bona fide theme park. It has many beautiful open spaces, and accommodates itself well to educational tours, Mother Nature appreciation, walking, biking and other outdoor activities.