Also known as Rizal Park, located in Manila, Philippines.  This historical landmark is built in memory of Philippine’s national hero - Dr. Jose P. Rizal.  The monument is known as kilometer zero to any other cities of the Philippines.  Unbelievably, a 24/7 security service is available to guard this site by ceremonial soldiers. 

On the monument, there is a flat plate in where the last poem of Jose Rizal, which is the Mi Ultimo Adios or My Last Farewell, was inscribed.  Luneta Park was not built by a Filipino but of Swiss descendant who is Richard Kissling.  It made him a second place winner during the international art competition.  Professor Carlos Nicoli of Carrara, Italy was the first placer with his creation of “o the Martyr of Bagumbayan”.  Nowadays, the landmark has become as picnic grounds for family outings and a major tourist attraction in the city of Manila. 

Concert at the Park is oftentimes held in here wherein bands, orchestras, and other varieties of entertainment are provided free to the public.  Aside from the park, there are also other attractions located within the place for example the Chinese and Japanese Gardens, National Library of the Philippines, fountain area, etc.  To date back, on 15 January 1995, around 5 million youths were gathered in here for the World Youth’s Day wherein the late Pope John Paul II held a mass it is one of the biggest foreign mass ever in the history of the country.  In addition, on the year 2005, this site was the venue of the ceremonial opening and closing of 2005 Southeast Asian Games.  Thousands of delegates from different corners of Southeast Asia were gathered in this memorable event.  The park provides an overlooking view of Manila Bay.  Dropping by in this kilometer zero zone gives you a piece of relaxation and serenity away from the chaotic city you are into especially if you catch a glance of the beautiful sunset in Manila Bay.  What a great spot!  Strolling in this historical place will undoubtedly mark an unforgettable day in your life.


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