Taoist Temple is located at the high-end suburbs in Metro Cebu - Beverly Hills Subdivision. This temple is dedicated to Taoism.  Taoism is one of the indigenous religions in China.  It follows the principal and philosophical teachings of Lao-tzu in the sixth century B.C. It only proves that parts of Cebu’s population are Chinese.  Followers climb the ninety-nine steps (others say its 88 steps- following the 88 teachings of Lao-tzu) of the temple to light incense sticks and have their fortune read by Chinese monks. If you believe in cryptic powers of the third dimension you can consult a seer and await what kind of life behold you in the future. 

On 1972 A.D. this garish and elaborative temple was built.  The roof is in pagoda style.  In fact it is one of the sought after spots in Cebu.  The temple has beautiful gardens, wonderful statues of some mythical characters, and a fishpond with a very large Koi.  Taoist temple is actually a knot of three spectacular temples.  It is located at 300 meters above sea level that will let you witness the glorious sight of Cebu during sunrise and sunset.  Attractions here include the huge colorful dragons, a replica of the Great Wall of China small yet fantastic, commodious balconies offering idyllic views, mini library with educative materials and escalating steps. No entrance fee is needed when you visit Taoist Temple. 

There are some nooks in the temple which they implement some regulations that picture taking is prohibited due to some religious reasons.  Always observe silence when you visit Taoist Temple, because this is a sacred place for Taoism followers.  Going there in the afternoon is quite skin burning especially if the temperature is above 20 degrees Celsius, the rewarding thing is- witnessing the sunset from your very own eyes. And be blessed with wonderful architectures and awesome view surrounding the Temple.  Taoist Temple will always mystify you that would create a lasting experience every time you visit this sanctum for the nth time.  So, visiting Cebu is incomplete without dropping by at Taoist Temple.