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Philippine Flower


Philippines have an ideal climate for the production of cut flowers. It has the ability to grow both the subtropical and the tropical flower varieties like Chrysanthemum, Gladioli, Heliconias, Sampaguita, Aster, Anthurium, and more than 900 beautiful species of orchids are the major flower varieties that are commercially grown in the country. Philippines floriculture industry has marked its glorious existence in the field. The country also is a major exporter of flowers to other countries like: Hongkong, Brunei, Korea, Japan and to Italy. They also offer numerous varieties of flowers for domestic trades.

Filipinos are known globally for being romantic and conventional. One of the romantic Filipino traits is the giving of flowers to their loved ones like mothers, sisters, and someone special. The most impressive thing about giving flowers is that it is always suitable to any given occasion in conveying sentiments from congratulations, love and appreciation. The Filipino style in trying to seek the affection of someone is through the seduction of flowers – those passionate red roses would always do the trick!

The magnificent blossom of a flower is a bright light that could heal the longing soul and the aching heart of humans. A garden with all those colors and beauty of a flower-filled paradise means that the owner has an overwhelming love to offer for others while a house empty of a flower presence has no affection for others.

A sure fire way to know a person for their real self is to look at the other people’s garden, through that you can vividly see their true heart. A good tip in selecting your partner before all those stresses and frustrations starts.



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