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Philippine Newspapers


Newspapers in the modern times played an essential role in the freedom of expression here in the country. Those who expose the corruption under the Philippine government always is the cause of division amongst its people.

The Filipino people love to hear all kind of news. They are much updated with all the top current news of the land by reading newspapers and news tabloids. They have different favorite paper sections and they would always start from there.

Philippine newspapers are published in English language. The upper and the middle classes are the one who usually reads such broadsheets. An issue would cost about 15-25 pesos depending on the name of the newspaper that you are availing. Since Sunday issues have more pages as compared to the regular issues, it cost higher then those regular issues.

Sunday issues have more pages as compared to the regular issues since it has some added features that is not available with other issues, these features are: multiple pages listing of job vacancies where job seekers always look forward to, a summary of all the major events during the entire week that happened, it also consists of pages for kids – comics, puzzle, educational games, horoscopes, joke and etc., it also have a lot of pages for lifestyle that is for the young adults and adults alike, it has advice page, and of course there will always be the gossip page. All in all, Sunday issues have much more exciting features than the regular issues.


The following are some of the major newspapers being circulated daily:

1. Business World – take pride as the country’s leading business newspaper which focused mainly on the professional economic state of the country. Their traditional excellence began last 27th of February, 1967.
2. Manila Bulletin – a.k.a. Bulletin and was formerly also known as Bulletin Today. This is the country’s largest newspaper in the country by circulation and it’s the country’s second oldest newspaper.
3. Philippine Daily Inquirer – known as Inquirer. It is the newspaper of choice of more than half of the population in Metro Manila alone. It has daily circulation copies of 260,000. Inquirer is a member of the Asia News Network.
4. The Manila Times – pride itself as the oldest existing newspaper in the country and is the 4th largest newspaper in circulation. Daily published by The Manila Times Publishing Corp.
5. The Philippine Star – “Truth Shall Prevail” as its motto. The Philippine Star is considered as the vaunted structure of the country’s media industry. It is the only broadsheet that has a circulation in other countries as well like Saudi Arabia and Hong Kong. It has been a recipient of prestigious awards like Outstanding Newspaper of the Year for 2006 by the Volunteers against Crime and Corruption and Agora Awards Marketing Company of the Year Award for 2006 from the Philippine Marketing Association.

Some people would prefer reading newspapers rather than getting news from television because there are some news updates that are too sensitive for an abrupt television style reporting. The Filipino people are fortunate enough to be getting the news either way. Which would you prefer?

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