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Television Stations in the Philippines


A Filipino family can be gathered together during eating time and “television” time. They are so fond of watching those melodrama telenovelas flicks. It has become their daily habit.


The following are the major television channels / stations in the Philippines:

ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation the Alto Broadcasting System – Chronicle Broadcasting Network is the Philippines largest entertainment company. It is involve in radio and television broadcasting as well as producing quality programs for its audiences worldwide. It features variety of shows from kiddy shows, exciting game shows to reality shows. Founded last 13th of June 1946 and became the first ever commercial television broadcaster in whole Asia. ABS-CBN broadcast its content worldwide through The Filipino Channel (TFC).
Global Media Arts (GMA) Network, Incorporated is a television network. It provides entertainment and news programs through its 34 radio stations, 47 television relay stations and 4 affiliate stations all through out the country. It airs informative documentaries and talks to exciting TV games and mind boggling late night trivia shows. GMA offers its shows to audiences around the globe through GMA Pinoy TV.
Studio 23 is owned by ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation. This is a sister network of ABS-CBN main network which airs programs that focuses to the young adults of the country. It deals more on building on to the young citizens of the country a sense of responsibility and in appreciating the true value of discipline as well.
DZKB-TV (RPN Channel 9), is a Philippine television network. It is a flagship of Radio Philippines Network. During the days of Pres. Marcos, this is the dominant TV network. It was responsible for bringing shows like MacGyver, Airwolf and Voltes V that was aired in the country. It produced legendary sitcoms like Flordeluna and John En Marsha. The station is the official carriers of major Philippine awards shows like the prestigious Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences’ Awards (FAMAS Awards), the Star Awards for Movies and the Gawad Urian Awards. In 1996, Marimar, a Mexican soap opera was aired to the airways of the country which became a national craze amongst the Filipino people.
Most of the shows featured on Philippine channels showcase the remarkable moral characteristics of the Filipino culture, the stunning scenic views of the land and the lavishing beauty of the Filipino/Filipina – its lovely people.
Surround yourself with those adoring Philippine TV shows and get to know the land and the people in the comfort of watching your TV!

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