Out of cash? Don’t you worry; credit cards are accepted here in the Philippines.  Major and some minor establishments here in the Philippines recognize international credit cards such as Visa or Bank Americard, Diners Club, Master Card and American Express.

  1. Visa - Dee Hock was the founder of this debit-credit card and conceived its name. With the belief that it will be easily remembered in different tongue from different countries around the world.  In fact, it does! It continues to soar high until now providing its client the best services they offer. 
  2. Diners Club - It was founded on 1950 by Frank X. McNamara, Ralph Schneider and Casey R. Taylor.  It also undergoes tough competitions among credit card companies but they went it through smoothly as their clients believe in their ability and integrity.
  3. Master Card - formerly known as Master Charge.  A multinational corporation was originally created by United California Bank, Wells Fargo and Bank of California.  Its main headquarter is based in Purchase, New York, United States.
  4. American Express -   Widely known for its credit cards, traveler’s cheque businesses and charge card.  “AmEx” as what it is sometimes called was ranked as the 74th largest company by Fortune magazine.  In addition, it is rank fifteen as the most valuable brand in the world by BusinessWeek and Interbrand.


A number of credit cards are obtainable in the Philippines. If you want to apply for credit card, bring valid identifications. Make it sure that you understand all the terms and conditions given by the credit card companies to avoid deception.  In having, transactions with your credit cards be keen enough to follow the flow of transactions.  Nevertheless, it would be better to have cash in your pocket because there are other establishments do not accept credit cards as a mode of paying unless you like to do the chores.







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