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Cebuanas, Filipino Culture: Specific information on Rice and what's the big deal anyway?


Filipinas, Cebuanas, and their absolute unmitigated love affair with Rice. Take it from me, an American man whose been married to a Filipina woman for six years. If you can grasp this facet of Filipino culture and feed her right. You run a much better chance of having your honey become just as committed to you as she is to having, not just a daily meal of rice, but literally rice with every, single, meal, of the day. Without pause, or relief.

rice in every Filipino meal

Guys, laugh at your Filipina and disregard her desire for an unending, unrelenting, never stream of rice at your peril. You can laugh and tell yourself I'm full of B.S. but pause for just a moment. Eating rice is almost like a Filipino religion. I challenge you to find any man with a Filipina woman, not just Cebuanas, who come from the middle part of the Philippines, whose wife doesn't suck down rice like it was going out of fashion.

Call them up, ask them and they'll all tell you the same story. Some men require their Filipino women to cook them an American meal, while she cooks whatever she wants for herself.

rice and pork meal

You don't know how much stress and heart ache I suffered until I realized that eating Rice wasn't just a Filipino Culture phenomenon. I had to start thinking about it the same way you'd think about Hindus eating cows or Muslims steering clear of pork. Only in the reverse. If you view her as some kind of strange Amish person who has Filipino religion required dietary staples you'll be much closer to figuring out why your girl isn't eating.

Take my advice. Jasmine rice is the best and will earn you a hug. Long grain is good enough for a peck on the cheek. But steer clear of wild, brown or short grain rice. Your Filipina girl will thank you. Also, a word to the wise, find the nearest Asian specialty store. It doesn't have to be run by Filipinas. A Chinese run specialty Asian store will be 95% as good. Rule of thumb plan to go to an Asian Market Store every other or every third time and you will have a much happier Filipina woman.

I drove an hour each way twice a month to get her food for her. She picked it and I pushed the shopping cart but it definitely saved me in eating out, and more importantly it kept my little Cebuanas happy.

So to recap. Happiness through food. View rice as a fact of life the equivalent of a Filipino religious belief and your Filipina woman will love you to pieces if you let her shop at a place where she has access to 'her foods'. Just give her long enough to realize the relative scarcity of 'her' foods in the regular super markets, maybe a week or two. Then surprise her by taking her to an Asian Market.

You can Google the nearest place. If you're in the city this is much easier, if you live in the country it'll be a drive. Regardless make sure to take credit for all your hard work at transplanting a vital part of her native Filipino Culture, the food she eats, into your home.

hanging rice

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