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Are you ready to settle down with your Filipino girl? Here are some key pointers on how to propose with your lady love in a Filipino way.

a. Before planning the details of the wedding, the man and his Filipina girl need to inform first the parents of the girl.

b. Then as a man who will ask for the hand of her Filipina ladylove, you need to show up together with your parents on the girl's house and formally tell them of your intention of marrying their daughter. This is what we call "Pamanhikan" in Filipino language.

c. After proposing, both parties will settle and talk the things to do before and during the Filipino marriage. Mostly, the man will shoulder the expenses including the reception.

d. On the lady's side, they would normally be given the priority during wedding celebration such as what they want for the wedding as they are greatly honored during this occasion.

e. After planning most of the details about the wedding, the man more often than not should spend some time with his Filipino girl's family. He will help in cleaning the house and bond more with the girl's relative to make their relationship successful.

In Filipino culture, most parents are greatly involved with Filipino relationship, hence you must pay great respect to your ladylove's parents. Show to them that you are deserving and worthy to be a part of their family and to their daughter.


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