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Money and your Filipina Girl's Family


The Philippines has a very modest Social Security program to help with retirement. If you are a government employee then it helps but for the rest of the working population it amounts to a very small monthly payment. The retirement plan for most families is to provide a college education for their children and hope one of them can get a foreign based job and provide $200-$300 a month retirement support for their parents. Most parents plan that if their daughter marries a foreign man that she will be allowed to work and send some money home. The children all feel a responsibility to provide retirement income for their parents.

My plan is if they don't have health insurance provide a PhilHealth insurance plan for them. The cost is based on income levels of the family and is usually less than $10 a month. That avoids the need but not necessarily the requests for hundreds and thousands of dollars for medical expenses that will inevitably come up as the parents' age. Then I believe that income needs for the parents should be in the range of $200-$300 a month divided equally between the working age children. So an average of 3 working kids means your girls needs to send $70-$100 a month for support.

Filipina Girl

Arguments made to me that my Filipina girl is the only earner right now so I need to provide everything holds no water with me. In this world you reap what you sow and if the parents did a bad job raising 3 out of 4 kids then they can retire on the fruits of their labors at $70-$100 a month. People all over the world would like to increase their income and these folks are no exception. So you will be asked in many ways to share the wealth. Discuss this matter frankly with your girl so you know exactly what kind of pressure to expect if you Marry into this family. On a positive note Filipinos are among the happiest people on this earth and will share their last meal with you with no thought to the morrow. But we all know that tomorrow does arrive and basic needs must be met. Spend time getting to know her family and try to understand how she views her family obligations before you make a final selection. Collect and collect and then carefully select the right girl for you.

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