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Filipina Dating


That said I know many men don't listen to our advice about not sending money. If the Filipino girls ask for money we remove their profile. Some girls know this and will send you their email address in order to scam you without us knowing. We also block them from sending their email address and believe if you want them to have your email address; you can send your email address to them at any time. We never review messages from our men members.

In order for you make a more informed judgment let me tell you some of the prices here in the Philippines. Typical colleges here have tuition cost of $100 monthly and they all accept payment on a monthly basis. Daily expenses for a student run approx. $4 per day, this includes bus fares, internet cafe and lunch. A doctor office visit runs about $10 and medication is cheap. A major operation in a hospital with a 1-2 week stay can run $400-$1,000. Health care insurance is available for approx. $3-$6 a month depending on family income. When the inevitable medical emergency arises with you and your dollars standing between life and death and you feel cornered, consider that for $50 a year you can provide insurance coverage (PhilHealth Insurance) for her entire family.

Filipina Girl on a beach

The average college graduate earns $190 a month and a public school teacher can earn at most $350 a month. Any job paying more that $300 monthly is foreign based and few and far between. Middle class Filipino family incomes here run approx. $250 a month. So when your girl starts talking to you about sending her more money than her family can earn in a month, cool the relationship until you can meet her in person and start looking at the new girls joining our site every day. Collect and collect and then carefully select after you meet her in person.

No girl from the Philippines can EVER get a visa to come to the USA or in your place without you first meeting her in person and then YOU applying for a Fiance Visa. There are no exceptions and we have heard all the stories. If you think you ran across an exception, just contact us and let us know before you send your girl on a 1 day millionaire shopping spree with your hard earned money.

Reminder: Help us keep this site safe, report anyone who asks you for money by clicking "Report Abuse" on their profile. NEVER send money to anyone you meet online.


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