Cost of Living in the Philippines    

Cost of Living in the Philippines

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The Philippines experienced a series of downpours in the economy before but after a few years it is getting back on its feet.  Its economy ranks as the 37th largest economy in 2007 by the International Monetary Fund in terms of purchasing power parity.  Purchasing power parity is a theory which states that the exchange rates between currencies are in equilibrium when their purchasing power is the same in each of the two countries (as define in Most of the foreign people who visited the country for a trip or vacation enjoyed staying in the Philippines.  They are hesitant to return in their homeland.  Residing in the Philippines throughout their life is the best option they would like to consider.

Despite the problems you watched in the news programs or read in international or local newspapers, the Philippines still retains as the most favored country to reside.  Why is this so? Probably, the freewheeling, affordable and easy lifestyle of the country that lets you experience opulent way of living.  Because of this, the country is often voted as one of the most livable cities in Asia.  Your quality of life will get even better once you live in the Philippines.


Here’s why:

* Foreign men may not own a land but they can rent/own a house.  House rentals vary from place to place.  Rentals in thriving Metro Manila cities are far by the highest in the country whereas in regional areas can be significantly low-priced.   The type of residence you want to live also plays an important factor.  You can choose numerous options from high-end subdivisions, mid-range apartments to cheap lodging inns.  It will normally range around $ 1000 USD (expensive unit) and $40 USD (low-cost unit) per month.  Most of the units for rent that is located in an upscale place are already equipped with modern facilities and complete furniture.  If you want to have your own furniture and appliances in your rented unit, a $3000 allocated money for furniture & appliances can fill your empty house to a contemporary and luxurious way of living.
* Even though there is an inflation of basic commodities but your dollar can stretch and has a long way to go.  Your $500 budget per month can make a huge difference when you shop for food compared with what you would pay way back home.  There are numerous good quality department stores and supermarkets where you can buy any products from imported goods to local ones.
* The Philippines is probably one of the countries worldwide that has numerous modes of transportation with inexpensive charge.  The minimum transportation fare in Jeepneys and tricycles only cost around $ 0.18 in Metro Manila areas and $ 0.13 USD outside Metro Manila.  Moreover, an additional $0.011 charge is added per kilometer of your travel.  Well, it doesn’t add burden in your pocket because it is quite cheap compared to other countries.  Say, in Mexico the rate for its transportation fare will cost $15 in riding local buses whereas in the Philippines it will only cost $ 0.29.  If you want to tour around e.g. in Cebu and budgeted $300, you have a long way to go! You can travel from the scenic coast of Cebu South provinces to the breathtaking beaches of Cebu North islands.  For more convenience and hassle free travel, there are taxicabs abound.  It will charge a fixed fee of $0.68 USD when you get in and $ 0.057 for every succeeding kilometers.

* Whether hiring professional or local services, you can surely afford to avail it. For example, employing a household helper/s in your house. Foreigners especially Americans are known to be a hands-on person when it comes to household chores and other works.  You rarely find household helpers in their house because the labor is way too expensive.  Instead of hiring someone to do the chores they just do it on their own and for that, they save extra bucks. 

Here in the Philippines, you can escape doing heavy house tasks or laundering  clothing by hiring house cleaners.  Most of the foreigners who reside in the Philippines have personal assistants or household helpers.   Because the labor is easy on the pocket, it will approximately cost $68 USD per month.
* It might be difficult for some to have a nightlife in their motherland but if you travel or reside in the Philippines, your social life will totally perk up.  Every nook of the country entertainment centers dot the area.  The Filipinos are known to be as one of the happiest people in the world that is why you can spot numerous recreational hub in metropolis or rural places.  It serves as a way of enjoying themselves and releasing stress from the pressures of modern world.  A $50 USD will afford you to paint the town red or watch the most anticipated concert in town.
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