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  • WHY FILIPINA SEEK A FOREIGN HUSBAND . Filipinas seek a foreign husband because… [Read More...]
  • BE ALWAYS HER MAN . How to be a dream boy to the girl you like the most?  Is giving presents enough to develop her feelings towards you?  Or whispering sweet words plays the important factor? [Read More...]
  • DATING AND MARRIAGE . Dating and marriage are the best and beautiful part to build a stronger relationship with one another.  In selecting a companion for life, dating would be one of the first stages to get to know each other and after that stage, the relationship will be taken to the highest level, which is marriage.[Read More...]
  • DATING TIPS FOR MEN . Men who go out for dates want to look and act at their best, and are sometimes pressured to keep their girl while dating. Now, if you want the apple of your eyes stick with you like a bubble gum until the end of your date. [Read More...]
  • DATING TIPS FOR WOMEN . When a boy asks a girl to be his date, it gives heart-warming emotions to women.  To all women out there, if you want to leave a good and lasting impression to your Prince Charming, I compiled these simple dating tips just for you! [Read More...]
  • EATING WHILE DATING . Usually, when we talk about dating, it is not complete without eating portion.  It is also a way of having a lot of things to talk about not just the personal stuff but also anything under the sun. In addition, you can get to know much better what type of person he or  she is. [Read More...]
  • ENDING A BAD DATE . The person that you have been Eyeing for ages now, has finally asked you for out.  Of course, you will prepare to look and smell good.  However, when the precious moment arrives your dream of an ideal date with the apple of your eye becomes a nightmare. [Read More...]
  • HE LOVES YOU - HE LOVES YOU NOT . Reading wrong signals about a guy’s feeling is hurtful it is like stepping in a hot charcoal.  Typically, boys have a hard time in expressing their real emotions, others express it and a few keep it as a secret. [Read More...]
  • HOW TO MAKE YOUR DATING OUT OF ORDINARY . If you want to make your dating a whole lot of fun and get over with those typical fine dining, why not experiment to discover new dating style. Exploring other alternatives when it comes to dating would be a great idea to add more spice in a blooming romantic relationship. [Read More...]
  • IS SHE THE ONE . Is she the one that I can live until the last breath of my life? You will likely ask yourself with this, if you fall so hard to her.  There are times when it suddenly pops in your mind that she might be the one whom you are looking for because you are head over heels in love. [Read More...]
  • SEARCH FOR YOUR PERFECT MATCH . Do not waste every jiffy and search for your perfect match before others find them.  Now is the time to meet the woman of your dream.  Do not let the opportunity pass by and regret it later.  To make your search specific, use the advance profile search of the website. [Read More...]
  • SIGNS THAT A WOMAN IS IN TO YOU . It is hard to decipher if a woman is into you, because they are sometimes fickle minded.  You do not know if she likes you or not.  If you want to crack the code if she falls for you, read on these signs. [Read More...]
  • THINGS TO KNOW BEFORE ASKING HER OUT . Do you want to ask the woman you fancy for a date?  There are few things that you need to know before asking her out. [Read More...]
  • TOP 10 CONVERSATION TOPICS TO AVOID ON FIRST DATE . On a first date there are certain topics that we should avoid in order not to offend him or her.  There might be topics that sounds interesting to you but already annoys and bores her or him to death.  So how can you avoid this annoying and dull conversation? [Read More...]
  • TOPICS FOR FIRST DATES . First dates can give us jitters.  It can make us tongue-tied or worst being mute! This would be terrible when you are acting like this whilst dating, this is not a good indication of having a second date.  To keep conversation going you must have a prepared list in your mind, you might go blank when you face your date especially if he or she has a mesmerizing face. [Read More...]

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