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Filipinas seek a foreign husband because…

  • Filipinas seek foreign husband not just for MONEY, GREEN CARD or a citizenship.  It is because they feel that foreigners can make a good husband and a partner. 
  • They want to marry a foreigner because they cannot find one in the country.  Meaning to say that may be the one she is looking for is not someone of her own. 
  • Filipinas find foreign men more attractive and interesting.  They have this appealing looks that can melt Filipinas’ hearts.
  • Believe that foreign men put their family first.  Filipinas belong to a close family ties, they feel that foreigners are like that.  Furthermore, Filipinas really wanted that their families are well treated by their partner.
  • Want to experience a relationship from other culture.  One of the research shows that a relationship from different cultures will likely have a happy marriage.  Having a relationship with a person from another race is also a way of keeping an open mind about one’s tradition and afterwards begin to understand and accept each other’s differences.
  • It is one way of opening its doors for Mr. Right.  Looking for a foreign husband may be the answer to their prayers in finding the right man for them.  If they think, that their Mr. Right is not around their neighborhood or anywhere in the country, then the possibility of finding him in another country is big.
  • They just love to marry a foreigner.  Some Filipinas love to marry foreigners because Philippines was once under the American regime.  Because of American colonization, there are influences of American culture and tradition that have been left in the country.  And still exists up to these days, with these influences it gives an impression to Filipinas that foreign men are great people.


Thus, do not be fooled that Filipinas are only up to milk and honey abroad.
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