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Approximately located 15 km south of Cebu and is bounded by Naga City, Cebu (southwest); Toledo City (northwest); Talisay City (northeast); and Bohol Strait (southeast).  Minglanilla is a first class municipality in the province of Cebu.  This municipality is also known as the “Sugat Capital” of the south.  In addition, Minglanilla is a part of the metropolitan area known as Metro Cebu.  This town as noted by PAG-ASA is placed under the tropical rainforest type of world climate, which has a uniform high temperature and heavy precipitation distribution throughout the year.



      Witness Kabanhawan Festival.
      It is a daylong festivity that tells about the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  It is one of the famous tourist attractions in this progressive municipality of Cebu.   It will feature participants, including the much-awaited “hanging” angels, in their attractive costumes and awesome performances.  Kabanhawan Festival is a major religious, cultural and tourism offering that is held during Easter Sunday.     
Minglanilla Image Show your bargain expertise
If you want to save extra pennies, then show your expertise in asking for a discount.  It is a fun thing to do whilst buying nice things in Minglanilla public market.
Minglanilla Image Hangout in the Plaza
If you want to watch as the day pass by, then this is a nice place to be.  The plaza is located in front of Immaculate Heart of Mary Church.  The clean surrounding of the place gives a perfect atmosphere to chill out with your friends or families.    
  Eat Seafood/s at the beach
If you are craving for seafoods, then go to the beaches in Tulay, Minglanilla wherein there are wide fresh seafoods available.    


Minglanilla Image

Palawan Development Bank Inc.
It was established in 1984 in the City of Puerto Princesa, Palawan.  Since then it has numerous branches throughout Palawan and Cebu.  They offer various bank services such as Agri-Trading Loans, Housing Loans, Vehicle Financing and Small Business Loans.    
Minglanilla Image Prince Warehouse Club
An establishment that caters to Class C, D and E customers of Cebu. Prince Warehouse Club has 6 branches all over the province of Cebu, few are in the northern and south coast of Cebu.    
Minglanilla Image Gee Ann Je Building (Fountainhead)
One of the numerous business structures that dots in the Municipality of Minglanilla.    


Minglanilla Image AA's Barbeque
Aside from tasty dishes, the cost is so light in the pocket.  AA BBQ offers a great ambiance wherein you can enjoy dining at its best.  If you fancy sizzling squid, lapu-lapu & other delectable dishes without feeling guilty of extravagance, then AA BBQ is highly recommended.    
Minglanilla Image Andok's Chicken
Serves the best tasting grilled chicken in town, Andok ’s Chicken is one of the most popular roasted chicken industry in the country. Its juicy and tasty grilled chicken is truly finger licking good.    
Minglanilla Image Jollibee
Arguably the most popular fast food restaurant in the country. Jollibee has become a household name when it comes to dining in a fast food restaurant. It was founded in 1975 and has numerous branches not just in the country but as well as abroad. Jollibee is an American-style-fast food restaurant with a flair of Filipino dishes.    


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If you need any hardware supplies for your house or building construction, here are some lists of hardware establishments in Minglanilla that you can go to.

    1.Home Furnishing

    2.Com Hardwre

    3.Sugbo Hardware



Minglanilla Image Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish Church
Neo-Gothic church right in the heart of the municipality. Within the vicinity of the church, there is an “atabay” or well that was used as a bone chamber for the fatalities of Japanese killing during World War II.    
Minglanilla Image San Roque Parish Church
One of the many churches in the Municipality of Minglanilla.  It is situated in the busy street of Brgy. Lipata.    


Minglanilla Image Immaculate Heart of Mary Academy
A private institution that is committed to provide learners a high level of education.    
Minglanilla Image Southern Bethany Christian School
It is one of the numerous private schools in the municipality of Minglanilla. .    
Minglanilla Image University of the Visayas - Minglanilla
A secondary private school that is situated a few blocks away from the heart of town. University of the Visayas-Minglanilla is one of the most trusted institutions that provides quality education to young learners.    
Sisters of Mary Boystown
An all boys school that provides fully equipped facilities and outstanding teachers to let the students excel in academics and vocational training. The school is established to provide a school and at the same time home for poor but deserving students    
  Minglanilla Science High School
It is a secondary public science high school which is situated in Poblacion, Ward 1, Minglanilla, Cebu.