Airfare Information in Getting around the Island with this cost saving tips

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Bug by adventurous itch and want to see the sights this paradise has to offer? You’re on!  Getting around doesn’t need further visa and it’s cheap.  The fare ranges from $30 to most expensive being about $100 airfare and the rates depends on your destination. Sea trip is a lot cheaper about 50% or even less and offers a hotel like accommodations depending on your fare value. Travel cost around the islands may change from time to time.

What’s more? If you want best value for your money and not create a hole in your pocket due to high airfare rates, here are some tips to save on travel cost (airfare and hotels).

  • Avoid flying during peak seasons e.g. Christmas, New Year, Lenten Season and summer holidays.
  • Surf the travel websites and airline company website until you find the best and reasonable offers.  Sometimes they have special offers that are definitely worth every penny you spend.
  • Avail tour packages, it features great packages (e.g. hotel accommodation + airfare rates).
  • Make use of the Flyer program that an airline company offers, so the next time you travel it would be convenient on your part.


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