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According to folklore, Mantawi was a thick, clinging vine that grew plentifully in coastal areas where Mandaue got its name.  Mantawi Festival is the most anticipated festival of Mandauehanons.  It is the rediscovery of Mandaue’s rich cultural heritage.  It is held annually on the 7th day of May.  It is a huge event that celebrates Mandaue city’s fiesta and its history way back 1521.  Participants from different corners of the city will join the said festival.  They will showcase their one of a kind performance with their colorful and attractive costumes and fantastic dance steps.  Numerous spectators either locals or foreigners never miss to catch the fever of Mantawi Festival.   In the grand spectacle, there will be a huge and splendid diorama floats.  Each will show a periodic tableau of the city’s development from the trading with Chinese and Spanish up to the creation of the booming industry of Mandaue City.  Furthermore, the whole experience upon watching the diorama floats is like watching a well-acted theater play.  Adding colors to the celebration will be the street dancing participated by various contingents coming from neighboring provinces, municipalities, government offices, cities or towns.  One of the highlights of the said event will be the giants made of paper.  There will be lots of activities that are in line during Mantawi Festival.

Unlike Sinulog festival where the main focus is honoring Sto. Niño, Mantawi Festival street dancing is more on historical themes.  Thus, the audience will feast their eyes with the lively performance of the contingents who are dressed in vibrant attire.  Mantawi Festival is a grand celebration that you should watch.  It is one of the most popular festivals here not just in Cebu but in the whole country as well.  It is beginning to gather attention internationally.  At the end of the festival, there will be a grand and awesome fireworks display.

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