One of the reasons why people from different walks of life visit Cebu, it is because of Sinulog. The name itself is derived from the Cebuano adverb “sulog” which means “flowing like a water movement”. It displays the most and the best colorful costumes, perfectly choreographed dance, wonderful creations of giants and floats.  This is done every year on the 3rd Sunday of January in honor of the patron saint Santo Niño.  With the belief that the patron saint showers them with good fortune and shields them from any danger and calamities.



Originally, the dance during Sinulog consists of two dance steps: two steps forward and one-step backward, done with the beat of the drum. Before the much-awaited festival, a long procession is held that will absolutely draw a crowd. This festival serves also as a contest among different contingents from various provinces or regions. Adding colors to the festival are the several programs and activities lined up while the festival is on going like the live band performances, an open market sale of low-cost products in the street and parade of most well-known stars in the country.

During Sinulog festival all routes will be changed, for example, if you are living somewhere south you got to walk from the terminal up to downtown same as the people who live uptown or in the northern part, because that there are no modes of transportation allowed to enter the city during the street dancing parade.  Most foreigners and locals never miss a single thing to take some snapshots about the events happened during Sinulog festival. 

This lively and awesome festival became one of the famous attractions here in Cebu.  Having a Sinulog festival in Cebu is an important event that no Cebuano people should miss out.  Joining the street dance is a heart warming feeling and amazing because you can feel the fulfillment & devotedness of the dancers to Sto. Niño. On the day of the festival, a holy mass will be held at Basilica Minore del Sto. Niño.  A huge number of crowds & devotees will attend the mass to prove their strong faith to the patron.  After the presentation of all contingents in different categories a colorful and different kinds of fireworks display will be shown whom most of the locals and foreigners await.

Sinulog is one of the famous festivals in Philippine archipelago that each Filipinos are proud of.  Indeed celebrating Sinulog festival always brings a happy smile on your faces!

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