When the clock strikes around 4 a.m. on December 16, Roman Catholic believers go to church and attend the Misa De Gallo mass.  It is a Spanish expression, which means Midnight Mass or translated as ‘Rooster’s Mass”.  It is called as such because it was told that the crowing roosters are the first witness of the birth of Jesus Christ therefore is the one to announce it.

 This 9-day dawn mass will officially kick off on December 16- and ends on the 24th of the same month.   It is believed that when you complete the nine mornings your wish will be granted.  Most Spanish speaking countries have their Misa De Gallo on midnight.  However, in Philippine culture, it is usually done early morning because, before, due to some hardworking farmers that wanted to attend the Christmas mass but could not leave their farms. 

Up to these present times, it is still practice by Filipinos. They will oblige themselves to wake up before the sun comes up to profess their strong faith and devotion to Jesus Christ and to the Blessed Virgin Mary who gave birth to Jesus Christ. Even though waking up before the day breaks is a little bit draining to your body system but the rewarding thing is- you purify your soul or spirit and mind against forces of evil.

On the first day of the mass, the church is filled with crowded people like where one cannot throw a pin. And, the same goes until the end of nine mornings.  Along with this tradition, is also the selling of Filipino native foods like the puto maya (a sticky variety of rice) which is best paired with tsokolate (hot cocoa beverage) and ripe mango, there is also bibingka (rice cakes) and puto bumbong (a somewhat violet colored rice pastry).  Everyone in all age brackets are psyched when Misa De Gallo comes, it signifies one thing- the joyous Christmas celebration.  This one-hour dawn mass genuinely denotes that Filipinos have a strong devotion and trust to the Almighty Father.

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