Moriones Festival

If you are having a vacation or just a plain visit on Holy Week in the heart shaped island of Marinduque and seeing people wearing colorful masks, Roman like attires, you are experiencing one of the most famous festivals in Philippine archipelago- Moriones Festival.  Morion means visor or mask.  This festival is celebrated annually during the commemoration of Holy week.  This religious celebration is about the story of Longinus, the Roman Centurion; stab a lance on the wounded side of the body of Jesus Christ. 

The blood that squirts suddenly fell on his blinded eye and completely cured his sense of sight.   In his astonishment with the miracle that happened to him.  He converted himself to Christianity to prove his faith to Jesus Christ and this created fury among his fellow Centurions.  During Moriones festival, they will show the re-enactment about the life of Longinus that starts from his death and to beheading portion. 

Moriones festival also depicts the passion and death of Christ.  It is shown in here on how Jesus Christ undergo so much suffering to save the people from its deadly sins, the painful betrayal by one of his apostles who is Judas Iscariot  in exchange of  thirty (30) silver coins and also the strong denial of his disciple, Peter, just to spare his life from the Roman soldiers. 

Throughout the festival, there are recitations of the verses of Christ’s passion and station of the cross, which consists of the 14 stages in remembering the Passion of Christ and his journey to Calvary.  This colorful festival will ramble in the streets of Gasan, Boac and Mogpog.  A massy number of people gather around in every corner of the street to be an eye witness of the re-enactment of the beheading of Longinus. 

The peak of this festival takes place on Easter Sunday.  All the contingents of the said revelry show their mask and costumes in a parade and begin their hunt for Longinus.  Not only will the participants join but as well as the spectators.  Later on, the chase will end around mid afternoon and the beheading of the Roman centurion begins.  When the sun comes down, the plaza will be the center of attention. All townspeople gather around for various programs and activities. 

All the visitors who witnessed the festival will be gathered in the plaza and will be given heartwarming gestures of farewell and friendship.  This event is called “putungan” which is defined as coronation in English word.  As the celebration progresses, the “Manunubong”, a group of dancers will dance & sing among the guest and shower them with a variety of flower petals.  According to the natives, this is how the locals in Marinduque wish their guest with good fortune, health, and prosperity in their life and careers.
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