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The Philippines – even if it is composed of thousands of islands and islets – its people can be bonded by listening and gathering news updates. They want to be the first who will report the information about a recent incident or an important event to their family and friends.

They can get such breaking news by word of mouth (someone relating to them the news) or from a reliable source those news establishments of the country such as the following:

1. ABS-CBN News – is owned by ABS-CBN Corporation that is run by professional journalists that are tough, dependable and committed to their line of duty. They promulgate its news using its radio network, television network, and online sites.
2. GMA News – is a private own network that is compose of individuals who’s only desire is to bring the current flash reports to its people. They also have radio and television networks and online websites that are use to reach out to its supporters.
3. PHILIPPINE News – was first named as The Manila Chronicle but was later renamed as Philippine News. The executives and editors of the Philippine News constantly raise the standards of journalism – Filipino American way – and distribute their copies of the newspaper on different states. Its objective is to unite and empower the Filipino American community and all other Filipino everywhere in the world.
4. ABANTE – is under Monica Publishing Corporation located in Port Area, Metro Manila. With an objective of leading and setting the tabloid in the industry (newspaper), which is ran by innovative and creative professional Filipino journalists who are committed to serve its people by providing accurate and credible stories and reports that satisfy the people.

These establishments never fail to circulate an issue daily. This unceasing service of the news establishments never dismay a Filipino heart since Filipinos are committed to serve their own people until the very last drop of their blood wherever they may be.

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