Savoring delicious Philippine foods is exciting when you share it to special people in your life. Taste the superb Philippine foods with a Filipina date NOW and enjoy eating delicious Filipino foods.

There are hundreds perhaps thousands of Filipino foods to list and savor.  And one thing is for sure, without a flaw it’s heavenly tasty that will give your stomach the complete satisfaction it needs. Here are some of the Filipino foods you can try:

Every provinces or islands In the Philippines have its own way of preparing dishes.  The lists below are the examples of some dishes that are being prepared with Filipino touch.

Adobo - either in pork, chicken, squid and beef.  This is one of the most favorite dishes that most Filipinos like.  The meat is marinated in vinegar/ lemon juice, garlic, pepper and season with salt and MSG.

Kare-kare - it is a Philippine curry with nutty soup and is sometimes spiced with chili.  Any occasions or fiestas are not complete without Kare- kare.  Aside from ox tail & skin, you can also use other meat in cooking kare- kare.  It is often paired with shrimp paste.

Humba - It is also known as Visayan pork braised belly with sugar.  A traditional & classic Filipino dish.  The best way to cook Humba is to fry first the pork to minimize the oil or fats.

Bicol Express - a tasty and superb Filipino dish.  It is made with pork and coconut milk and spice with chili.  It is very hot & spicy and the favorite dish among Bicolanos.

Dinengdeng - an Ilocano dish similar to pinakbet.  It contains fewer vegetables unlike pinakbet but more on bagoong soup.

Morcon - It is a beef recipe and stuffed with cheese, vegetables, hard boiled eggs and strips of chorizo de bilbao.  It is usually served when there are parties.

Pinaupong manok - It is so tasty that there’s no need for any sauce.  This is done by deep frying the chicken in hot oil.

Lechon Manok/ Baboy/ Baka - Lechon is a Spanish word for suckling pig.  The process in doing Lechon involves the whole chicken, pork or beef is roasted over a hot charcoal.  Inside the whole meat it is stuff with spices and herbs and season it to taste.  The skin is so crispy and it is so delicious.

Paksiw na Isda - In English it is Boiled Pickled Fish and Vegetables.  This is sour in taste but very appetizing. 

Caldereta - The very best meat to use in cooking caldereta is goat.  One can also use pork, chicken or beef. The saucy is so sticky and sometimes it is spiced with chili depending on your taste.



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