Philippine Delicacies

All 7,107 islands in the Philippine archipelago have its own delicacies, so that you’ll have souvenirs when you return to your hometown or a food to munch whilst traveling on air, land and sea.

Otap - it is somewhat sweet, crispy, egg shape puffy pastry.  Once you grab a bite of Otap be sure to wipe your mouth so that no unnecessary mess will leave around your mouth.

Minasa - also known as Cassava Cookies.  This is famous among Bulakeños and foreigners because it is made from the finest ingredients and the procedures done to achieve the greatest fulfillment once tasted.

Palitaw - made from glutinous rice which is shaped into a small rounded disc with shredded coconut and white sugar.  And it also known as sweet rice dumplings

Bocarillo - a famous Eastern Visayas delicacy which is made from the combination of grated coconut, eggs and milk.

Puto Cheese - molded like a muffin, this is an all time favorite delicacy among Filipinos.

Nilupak/ Nilusak - it is made from unripe saba, a banana variety, with coconut meat and refined white sugar.

Biko - combination of steamed glutinous rice, coconut milk and brown sugar that serves as a syrup and added with vanilla to enhance the sweet smell.

Pastillas de Gabi - pastillas that is made of young taro root, condensed milk and sugar

Sapin- sapin - this Philippine native dessert is made from gelatin, corn kernels, ube powder and coconut milk.

Butse- butse - a product from Central Visayas Region.  Butse- butse is a mashed sugary potato formed into circles and filled with grated cassava.



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