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Cebu is not just known for its white sand beaches, amazing diving sites but as well as the shopping malls.  There are plenty of shopping malls here in Cebu that can be compared with those gigantic and popular malls in the world.  The two biggest and well known malls are Ayala Shopping Mall and SM Department Store.  These two leading malls in the city are the favorite hang-outs of local and foreign tourists but there are also shopping malls that are worth going.


Location:  Colon St. Cebu City
Description:  This is one of the busiest malls around Cebu, because it is located at the heart of Cebu.  Even though it doesn’t have any movie theaters, but the food area in this mall offers superb and affordable foods.  There is only limited parking space for the reason that it is near in the street. But there’s no need to worry, shopping here is great!


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