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Philippine Telecommunications


Communication has been the greatest significant role in the development of human civilization – its culture and society. A lot of improvements had happened from science to technology - medical breakthrough to transportation, communication and etc. All these were possible because of the advancement and the continual research of telecommunication. People need to communicate in order to live, and telecommunication is a vital tool for human beings. Filipino, for that matter, solely depends on technology to survive in the society. Through it, life is a little more pleasant to live.


Telecommunications make it easier to relay messages from one place to another – from one Filipino to another. The Filipino people have adapted to the high-end technology that the world offers. They are now living their lives hassle-free because of the impact of the telecommunications industry in the society.


Filipinos can’t afford to leave their homes without their mobile phones for the fear that they might miss a single call or a text message from a loved one, they cant have a good night sleep without saying good night to a pal across the globe without using the internet.


The following are the major telecommunication businesses in the Philippines:


Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company, better known as PLDT, is the Philippines largest telecommunications company. Its products are Cellular Telephony, Fixed-line Telephony, Information Technology Services and Satellite Communications. These products are widely used inside the country.


Globe Telecom, known simply as Globe, is the 2nd largest telecommunications company in the country. Their products supply a diversified set of broadband services, cellular telephony and fixed-line telephony.


Bayan Telecommunications Inc. (BayanTel) is a telecommunications company that serves the areas in Metro Manila, Bicol, and other local exchange service areas in the Mindanao and the Visayas regions. It caters nearly about 33% of the population of the whole country. It services include: Wireless Landline (Bayan Wireless Landline), Telephone Service (Phone Plus, International Long Distance, SkyInternet VoIP, and Domestic Long Distance), Value Added Services (Caller ID), Phone Cards (AffordaCall), Internet Services (SkyDSL, Bayan DSL), Prepaid Internet Services (Bl@st), Others – Businesses (Voice Services, Local Exchange, Data Connectivity Services, Domestic Leased Lines), Others – Internet Services (IP Transit).


All broadcast facilities, services and telecommunications in the country is controlled and supervised by the National Telecommunication Commission or simply known as NTC. They are the ones responsible for promulgating regulations, rules and guidelines in the country.

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