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Back in the USA during our early adult lives we all purchased our own home. Usually, before we were married. Then we got married and eventually divorce laws being what they are, well, most of us had to buy another house and try to retire that mortgage before we ourselves were retired from the work force. By this time we are an older and wiser bunch. When we are approached by women in the USA we instinctively grab for our wallet and run, fearing the inevitable forthcoming wallet biopsy attempt by the lady in question. When we shop for goods and services, we know that we have choices beyond our local Chevy dealer, and we don’t have to settle for paying $1,000 for our daughters’ high school Saxophone from the local music store when we can go to Ebay and purchase the same item for $400 from China. We have also learned that we have global choices when it comes to choosing a wife.

A new unfurnished 2 bedroom apartment can be had for $60-$140usd per month. If you want it furnished the price climbs to $300usd. A concrete 2 bedroom house ranges from $80 local price up to $2,000 for a large house on the hill with a swimming pool. Nice condos can be rented for between $300 - $1,300. Hotels cost between $10 up to Hiltons $100+ depending on your taste and budget.

As a foreigner you cannot own Real Estate in the Philippines. For many men the temptation of owning a Beachfront mansion for the price of an average house back home is too much and they pay for it and sign over the deed to their new wife. That is a much safer bet than our first house ownership turned out. But why do it? You can rent a house for reasonably close to the interest return you would get at a bank with your money. I once asked my Life Insurance agent (also my good friend), how much life insurance I should provide for my wife should I die? When he recommended a smaller amount than I had anticipated, I asked if perhaps I should provide more. His recommendation was that I should always remain worth more alive than dead. We all want to be missed when we die and this is one area we have some degree of control over. Plus do we really want the mailman to enjoy the fruits of our labors when we go? That said there are options such as 2 consecutive 25 year leases on property you pay for in the name of a Filipino, leaving you with control of the property for 50 years.

Acquiring a land and later on build your ideal house is everybody’s dream.  However, if you are a foreigner, by law you are not allowed to acquire a land in the Philippines.  A foreigner may own a land in any of the following below:

  • Lease the Property – If you wish to rent a land, you can lease a public or private land for a long-term contract for an initial of 50 years with an automatic renewal of 25 years.
  • Marrying a Filipino Spouse- This is the easiest and simplest way in owning a land.  Your Filipino spouse will be the one to purchase the land that you desired.
  • Inheritance of the land if your spouse dies- It means that when your Filipino spouse dies, you as the natural heir and your children if you have one, will succeed as the legal owners of his or her estate.
  • Having a Filipino partner- Make sure that your partner can be trusted and will not take advantage of you.  Having a Filipino partner is another option in acquiring land here in the Philippines.  Wherein your partner will own 51% or more of the property and the remaining percent will belong to you. 

On the other hand, a foreigner can own condominium units you may own 100% of the unit but not more than 40% of the whole condo project.  Foreigners owning a house or building in the Philippines is legal as long as the foreigner does not own the land on which the house is build.  In addition, there are also pension houses available that give a comfortable and relaxing accommodation.  And most of the pension houses give affordable rates. 
Never send money to a girl before meeting her in person and never spend more for a house in the Philippines than you can honestly walk away from with a smile on your face.

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