Philippines Public Transportation

Privacy Statement Want to tour Cebu? Then ride on and experience Philippines Public Transportation. You can do this in various ways. Check out the following:

Bus Travel
This is a good mode of transportation if you’ll have a trip at the southern or northern part of Cebu.  There are lots of buses available that will go to your favored island or province like the Ceres bus, the widely known bus liner company that almost serve 24/7.  In traveling by bus you can see the wonders of the surroundings that you pass by.



Jeepney Ride
Used only for short travel around Cebu.  The fare is cheap ranging from Php6.50-Php13 depending on the distance that you ought to go.  But this is not so advisable to the people who are not familiar with the route of Jeepneys because the tendency is you’ll get lost.

minimum: Php 6.50 ~ USD 0.147


Recommendable only for a 1 km- 7 km ride and more than that is against the law.  Php6 is the minimum fee for a tricycle ride.  The total capacity it can hold is only 6 passengers. 

minimum: Php 6.50 ~ USD 0.147

  Rent a van/car
If you want an ultimate convenience while having a trip in Cebu, there are business enterprises that offer a rent a car/ van.  Be sure that you have a valid and authenticated driver’s license if you wish to drive by yourself.  Don’t forget to remember the traffic rules and regulations to avoid any violations.


Taxi Ride
Your first meter rate will be Php30 pesos and Php 2.50 in every succeeding meter.  There are some taxi drivers that will not use meter rate but instead ask for an amount that will be agreed by both parties especially if you will go to far away places in Cebu.  Be careful with those taxi drivers who will take advantage of the situation particularly if they see you as a newbie in Cebu.  Always prepare some small amount of bills for your transportation fare because there are other abusive taxi drivers will pretend that they don’t have any change for the hope that they will keep the change.  Most importantly if you’re a foreigner, ask the driver if he can speak English, get the plate number and the name of the driver just in case you left something valuable and be keen with the route he is heading.

first meter rate: Php 30 ~ USD 0.68
succeeding meter: Php 2.50 ~ USD 0.056


Have a wonderful trip in Cebu~!

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