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Why retire in the Philippines?


Philippines is the largest English speaking country in the whole Asia. The culture is widely known for its beautiful beaches, the hospitality of its people, and the warm and friendly smiles that is readily given to friends, family and even to strangers around town. It offers a wide variety of entertainment from the exciting social night life to the serene beautiful golf courses, the international yet affordable fine restaurants around town to the stunning and overwhelming resorts and spas truly beyond compare.

    Tropical Weather    

Retirement means only one thing - relaxing and enjoying life that has been long overdue. Philippines, the Pearl of the Orient Seas, can surely give you the ultimate retirement experience that you truly deserve. The Philippines has a warm and humid weather 24/7 all year round. Its weather would start getting cooler with frequent rain showers from the month of September to around December. Then on January to April there'll be good sea breezes and lower humidity - a perfect time for beach parties. Since Philippines is compose of thousands on beautiful exotic tropical islands, you can choose which island to stay and enjoy the cool sea air breeze onto your face or you can always buy yourself an air conditioning at home and relax on the comfortable view of the paradise.

Well, not everyone would enjoy the beautiful tropical weather, don’t you loss hope because Philippines has more to offer, it has other majestic places that has a cool fresh mountain air like for example the City of Baguio, which is known as the City of Pines and the Summer Capital of the Philippines. There’s nothing like it elsewhere in the country with its clean environment, scenic mountain views, cool weather, pine-scented air and the friendly residents. The City isn’t only the best place to visit but certainly it is the most suitable city to reside or retire on. It is a unique and magical city with its godsend people just a smile away.

    Cost of Living    

This is the ultimate PRO in living and retiring in the Philippines. You can experience first hand a superior quality standard of living for a very cheap cost. Your hard earned money will go a long way even further than you can ever imagine. That means having an inexpensive, loyal and trustworthy live-in maids/helpers at home that will make you live your life like a KING that would only cost about $30 a month (because of the cheap labor in the country), a quality and safe neighborhoods with nice rental and already furnished homes that are awesomely very affordable that you will give you a hard time believing – a rental of about $180 a month an average, and its transportation is extremely cheap. Having your own car is not a MUST have. Public Utility Jeepneys (PUJ) are widely used in the country. They are extremely numerous with different routes for different destinations. You can go anywhere with its cheap fares. The taxis and buses are air-conditioned so you will have a comfortable time traveling either alone or with someone else. In some places of the country, a $1,000 a month could make you feel like Brad Pitt and be treated as a millionaire already.

    Filipino people    

It is only in the Philippines where foreigners are welcomed, respected and admired. The people make you experience that you are wanted and appreciated. That is just what the Filipino people are. They are globally known for their hospitality with their guests. They are the friendliest and the nicest people all around the globe and they are very proud of that title! They are very relaxed and generous especially with their smiles and their services. They would gladly extend their very able hands to help if called upon. Living in the Philippines could make you feel like a royalty because of the kindness of its people. They all respect their older people which are valued, appreciated and honored for their knowledge and their experiences. Filipinos appreciate more the importance of family, relationship with others and total respect of self rather than money and material things that claimed to give happiness. It is a joy to be with a true Filipino or Filipina for that matter. An innate part of a spirit of a Filipino is the joy of life. Their great zeal in celebrating their blessings, observing solemn religious rites, and in commemorating their glorious past is truly without compare.

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